Affiliate Terms

  • All affiliates must be approved and in good standing to receive affiliate commissions. In your application, please be as descriptive as possible as to how you will be promoting us.
  • The affiliate program, an individual affiliate account, and/or a respective commission(s) are subject to discretion by us in order to ensure we are able to maintain our business.
  • Payments are made via PayPal the month after 30-days past. This means that for commissions earned in January, the payment will be in March. While all sales are final, this wait is in place in order to ensure the transactions legitimate.
  • Affiliate commissions cannot be made retroactively; please ensure your links/cookies/coupons work prior to distribution and that they continue to work.
  • Customer to affiliate connections cannot be modified.
  • Future commissions may be adjusted to account for any past errors with payments.
  • You cannot use your affiliate link or affiliate coupon for purchases of your own subscriptions.
  • We may make exceptions to these policies at our sole discretion.
  • Terms may be modified here on a regular basis. Please check this page regularly.