066 – Live Marketing Consultation with Tobey Geise

Be a fly on the wall as I guide Tobey through a real marketing consultation to help her solve her problem – she has too many products and services she can sell, and doesn’t know how to do it!

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065 – Taking the Entrepreneur Journey with Jonathan Green

Download “Fire Your Boss” FREE Jonathan Green lost his job and used that as a vehicle to start his entrepreneurial journey.  Now, he lives on an island with his wife and kids (you’ll hear the natural island sounds in the background of this interview). 

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061 – Mindset Engineering with Chukky Okobi

Chukky Okobi, an NFL Superbowl Champion, joins me for an interview discussing the 4 steps to getting Super Bowl level results in your business.  He calls these steps the Basic Instructions and paints a similarity to the Wizard of Oz that totally blew me away!

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