008 – Empowered? Learn This from Marketing, and Get More Leads.

How to get leads…consistently…  Two worlds come together to answer that question…

What can marketing teach the empowered individual?  What can empowerment teach the marketer?

You are about to discover two worlds that, when you understand both, can increase the power of what you do to attract leads.

People who know marketing don’t often know empowerment, and people who know empowerment don’t often know marketing.

Many times that leaves the marketers to know what to do but not why things work, and therefore do things that result in luck rather than planned, repeatable success.

And it leaves those empowered knowing things are possible, everything they want is possible, but wondering just how to implement things in the physical world to make it possible for them.

Maybe they’ve watched others grow businesses wondering why can’t they themselves do it.

Or sometimes the empowered person knows they have the best of the best, and yet for some reason, they just can’t seem to sell it.

Why is it that it seems like some people can sell anything, whereas some who “ought” to be able to do so just can’t seem to catch a break.

The answer lies in what the empowered individual can learn from the marketer.

It’s the answer that explains why the often empowered individual struggles to find the next client, whereas the marketer gets whatever amount of clients he/she wants whenever desired.

The empowered individual knows that there is always more to learn, and realizes that marketing is an implementation of energy, that, combined with conscious intention and the energy from the Unconscious Mind and Higher Self, can lead the empowered individual to surpass the standalone marketer.

The paradox, however, is if they are both to be empowered, they must learn from one another.

How do you do that?  Listen to this episode to find out…

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