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037 – Are the Questions You’re Asking Actually What’s Keeping You Stuck?

Too many times I’ve seen people asking the wrong questions to grow their business. In fact, the questions themselves are what is keeping them stuck. They think they are asking for help, but then they wonder why the help isn’t working. If you ever ask for help with building your business, you’ll definitely want to...

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036 – Preventing Leads from Saying “If It’s Free, It’s Me”

If you’ve ever identified a need with a lead only to lose them from becoming a customer because they didn’t want to pay you, you’ll definitely want to listen to this. In this episode we dive further into the customer mindset and establishing value.

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035 – When to Listen to Customers and When Not To: How Customers Communicate Indirectly

Listening to your customers can either make or break your business, depending on what your customers are asking for. In addition, here’s how to notice the trends between customers, so you can make conscious business decisions for the better.

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034 – How to Effectively Take Life’s Challenges and Turn Them Into Business Results

Life happens. It’s what you do with the waves that matters. Here’s how to turn life’s challenges into business results, rather than getting run over by the waves.

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033 – From Insurance to Entrepreneurship and an Online Sensation: The Joy of Living with Britney Taylor

Listen to how Britney went from no following and working in her family’s insurance business, to having a significant online following and having completed a transition into her own business. I just love founders stories: the story of how someone goes from what life leans towards to discovering your true self and bringing that into...

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032 – Becoming More Influential: If You Do This, Others Will Do What You Want

How do you get someone to do what you want? The answer is in this episode and just might surprise you…

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031 – This Simple Trick Can Remove Buyer’s Resistance to Your Offer: How to Effectively Prevent and Handle Objections

This trick is something so simple, you’ll wish you had it sooner. If you’ve ever felt like you are trying to defend or handle objections to your sales offer, here’s an easy way to lead the prospect in the direction you want (to buy from you), without creating resistance in the prospect.

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030 – Fitness and Entrepreneurship with Matt Wietlispach

Listen to how Matt started his fitness business, easy fitness tips you can bring into your daily routine, and how Matt brings who he is into what he does, setting himself apart from many other fitness trainers.

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029 – The Connection Between Refunds and Beliefs

Expanding upon podcast episode #13, learn how beliefs can influence your refund policy as well as additional lessons learned from interacting with other businesses.

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