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056 – Retention Revisited: A Positive Retention Experience

What one company did to shift my perspective on terminating my relationship with them… If a customer is going to leave due to a bad experience, here’s how you can help them leave on a positive note.

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054 – The Importance of Non-Attachment to Manifestation

Holding onto something is a great way not to get it.  Here’s how non-attachment can apply to growing your business.

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053 – The Single Most Important Thing I Did to Run a Webinar That Generated 5-Figures in Sales

Recently, I ran a webinar that generated five-figures in sales. This episode describes the single most important thing I did differently to turn this into a very profitable webinar.

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052 – One Simple Way to Set Yourself Apart in a Positive Way

In this episode, I share an experience where a company had a chance to “wow” me – and the experience of the customer (me). I also explain how another company used this “door” that opened to their benefit and wowed their customer in the process. You don’t “have” to do this, but then again you...

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051 – A Customer Service Experience with Meal Prep Companies

In this episode, I discuss the customer service of several meal prep companies from my perspective as a customer with the intention of giving you insight into how to set yourself apart in a positive way with customers regardless of your industry.

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050 – Being an Entrepreneur During a Pandemic

How should an entrepreneur be during a pandemic? In this episode I discuss several things to consider in finding the harmony between doing things that are socially acceptable and still growing your business.

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049 – Intro to 3D Mail with Travis Lee

02:00 – Why Direct Mail can be MORE profitable in a digital age06:00 – What is 3D Mail, Lumpy Mail10:30 – How even something sent in the mail works WITH the Internet, not instead of it16:30 – What most people who start a business fail to consider (and skipping this can cause many problems!)22:00 –...

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048 – Interview with Leslie Nafus

03:00 – The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when starting a business, and what to do instead03:30 – Why having an “idea” is not a business05:00 – The first thing you should do when starting a business (hint: it’s not marketing!)06:30 – Anytime a client asks me to sell something, here’s the first question I askā€¦11:00...

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047 – 4 Requisites for Change: Requisite #4: Focus

In this 4-part series we discuss the 4 requisites for creating change. This episode discusses Requisite #4: Focus, including how to identify the best way to maintain your focus, the importance of your evaluations of what goes on around you, and how focus connects to the other requisites.

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