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059 – Health and Wellness for Entrepreneurs with Annette Lopez

In this interview with Annette, learn some tips and tricks to stay operating optimally as an entrepreneur. Annette brings her mind and body health background into this interview, so...

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058 – Client Attraction with Aric Mussman

Rather than a traditional interview, in this episode, Aric and I continue a conversation we started about client attraction.  Aric asks me some questions, and I dive into answering...

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057 – Interview with Dr. Steve Taubman

17 years ago, I met Steve when he was performing a stage hypnosis show. Without knowing, he sent me down this personal growth journey that I’m still on today....

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056 – Retention Revisited: A Positive Retention Experience

What one company did to shift my perspective on terminating my relationship with them… If a customer is going to leave due to a bad experience, here’s how you...

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054 – The Importance of Non-Attachment to Manifestation

Holding onto something is a great way not to get it.  Here’s how non-attachment can apply to growing your business.

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