These resources can help you build your business.

Realistically, Tom combines everything he knows when he works with you one-on-one.

The resources below each bring a depth to a single area critical for business success.

Discover Your Power, Purpose, and Path in an Astrological Reading

The Universe is a reflection of who we are, and because Astrology represents the energy in the Universe at the time of our birth, Astrology therefore provides a map to the energies and natural tendencies that we have within us.

In this Astrological Reading, we will discuss one-on-one in an interactive and fun way:

  • What provides fulfillment to you at a soul level (Not knowing this risks building a business now only to hate it later)
  • Connect you with your purpose for being here (Don't take a guess at it; learn what you set out to achieve this lifetime without having to discover it on the path.  If you have a GPS, would you really just drive down random streets to get to your destination, or would you follow the GPS?  Astrology is your GPS if you let it into your life.)
  • Whether or not you are on the right path (Astrology is like a map; it can tell you if you are on the right road if you know how to read it like Tom does)
  • And much more!

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Reprogram Your Mind with a 2-Day 1-on-1 Online Breakthrough Session Intensive

Combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with additional energy techniques that make powerful NLP look like child's play, Tom will help you release sticking points such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the deep programming of your Unconscious Mind.  One limiting belief can completely sabotage your business building success, and you often don't even know you have them.  Don't let a limiting belief sabotage your business.

What makes Tom's breakthrough sessions unique from other NLP Master Practitioners is how he combines and integrates both energy and astrology such that he even attracts clients who have gotten "cheaper" breakthrough sessions from others in the past and then come to Tom when they are finally ready for success to get the breakthrough session they were looking for the first time.

Note: You can apply for a breakthrough session below.  Tom does not take on every applicant and will be upfront with you if this isn't a fit.  Tom has turned people away in the past.  With this application, Tom will contact you to discuss if this is a fit or not, as well as answer any questions you may have.  There is a $497 deposit that accompanies the application.  The full investment for the breakthrough session and 3 free coaching calls that come after it is $5,000.  If the breakthrough session is a fit, the $497 deposit will be applied towards the total investment. If it is not a fit, the $497 will be refunded, unless it applied to another service you ask for on your application call.

Grow Your Business with Copywriting, Marketing Consulting, or Business Coaching

Need help implementing action steps in your business?

Book a strategy session with Tom to discuss:

  • Copywriting: As a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter, Tom can help you sell with words whether you have a website, write email to leads, or conduct live one-on-one sales calls.
  • Marketing Consulting: As a consultant, Tom can guide you and your business to success using proven marketing principles that work in the field; what you will learn is not book-theory, but rather battle-tested techniques for business growth.
  • Business Coaching: As a FLOW Certified Coach, Tom can help you get clarity on what needs to happen to turn your business into a success.

Note: There is a $497 charge for this session, as you will gain immense value from this call, and it may even solve your problem without needing to hire me directly.  If we do end up doing a business engagement together, this fee will serve as a deposit and directly applied towards the contracted rate.